A great video tutorial to build your own

Stuffing Machine!

Are you looking for a balloon stuffer?

Do you need a balloon stuffer to wrap your customer’s gift inside balloon?  
I’m sure you had a look around internet.

Have you noticed how much they cost?
Why spend thousands of dollars to buy that machine when you can build your own for few dollars?

I built my own ballon stuffer for only 69 $ and I assure you it works great!

I can wrap gifts, toys, plush  and  whatever I want inside balloons making a lot of money!

The things you can wrap inside balloons are unlimited! And you can make a lot of money without spending a fortune!


For a month I will make an extraordinary offer!

The video tutorial will only cost $ 30.

I sold the video at $ 69 and here you can find the page before bidding to show you that I do not lie

A video tutorial to build a machine valued at 800 $ for only 30$!

I made this video tutorial for you!



How is the tutorial made?

It's a step by step video in which I show you how to build a balloon stuffing machine: the things you need and the tools you need.

Not only! in the second part of the video I show you how to use the machine to insert what you want inside the balloon!


Watch the video tutorial and you can build your own balloon stuffer in 10 minutes for few dollars!


Let's start to make money right now!


You don't have much time!

Let's have a look to my

customers all over the world!

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Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy any time within 2 months from your purchase, let me know and you can have your money refunded – all of it – no questions asked.



testimonial cinziaHo comprato questo tutorial perchè avevo bisogno di un balloon stuffer per il mio negozio. Dopo aver visto il video lo abbiamo costruito in 20 minuti! Funziona perfettamente e stiamo facendo una fortuna! Decine di euro di profitti! E cosa importantissima non abbiamo speso mille euro per la macchina.

Balocchi e Scarabocchi


I had some doubts about this tutorial. I thought: "How can I build for few dollars a balloon stuffer that is valued at thousands?" I changed my mind! I built it easily, and I can stuff anything i want inside balloons! Thank you Angelo!



Hi Angelo, Because I know  how much a real machine costs, I know  that your video is well worth the money. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase, because like I said, I am well aware of how much the actual machine costs. I can make gifts (when I have someone build it for me), and get well more in profits than what I paid for the video. It's great that you put this video out there for all of us who cannot afford to spend top dollar for a machine.

Thank you so much,



E' un grande video tutorial. L'informazione che tutti noi cerchiamo cioè com'è possibile che il palloncino non si sgonfi mentre si riempie, solo questa informazione, vale il doppio del prezzo che ho pagato per il video.




Hi, the balloon worked out perfect! for a better price if ever you have anything else you would like to share I would like to know thanks! 





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